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Chelton Arrigo

Chelton Arrigo

Person Receiving Support

Hi my Name is Chelton I have a disability I have assburgers I lived in a group home And then I was transferred to UClA Pyshward And then I was transfored to Portvil dev center I Lived there for 4 mounts And then I was trasferd to Fairview dev center where I Lived for 2 years I was very hard for me whire I Lived there I made frieds and fell in Love with a firl named Jill while I Loved in fairvew dev center I was visited by Kristofel And deb callahan and Beth I meet them And they told me that they worked for CSA whitch is a supported Living Program they exspland what they did an how They helped get People out of instatushons and group homes and help make People who have been in Places like that learn How to fungshin in the commounty And they said that thay wanted to help me by getin me in to the commounty while I Lived in fairvew dev center I worked by stamping towls It was not a lot of monny but it gave me some work skillI U moved out of Fairview dev center in 2005 And moved to sandiego CA whale I Lived in sandiego CA I ended up geting a Job I wokd for 2 years At frys Elictroncs I enjoy Live ing in my own Apt And having a Roommate that I can get a long with thing are hard because I have ceturn Rules that I have to aplay to But it is Better than being instatatushiliesd I have more freedom in Networks than being at fairvew dev center I Love going to goth clubs and Making New friends at Lastats coffie house I Lived in CSA An then I was transard to networks I am Planning on going to driving school so I can get my drivers licnce And evenchaley get a cheverlat citAchon car I Like older cars because they are classics I am very strongly into vampires And ufo’s I all so Like wikcA I have been thinking starting a ufo acult where I would be the leter some People think I am crazy for such a thing but It does Not mater what PeoPle think It would be held at a club or at the Rober Rose being aA letter of Alien ufo group would be diffent It is better than the cristin Relighian And so on I am going on my forth year being out in the commounty I have lerned to take the Bus MTS I have meet a lot of People on the Bus I have made some friend’s on the Bus I have meet my Ex girlfriends at sandiego state CA unirvesty Whait ins for the Bus I have also made friends at lastats coie house I Love going out in the community And being Able to meet new friends ExsPeshily going to the libery and thrift shops and buying LP’s I allso whant to learn how to Play magic And gathering the card game.


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