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Sean Chambers

Sean Chambers

Person Receiving Support

For 20 years I lived with my Mom and Dad and brother. It was great. Then, my brother went to college and my parents thought it would be a good idea if I moved into a group home with 5 other guys kind of like me. But I was not happy because I wanted to live closer to my family and chose the people I lived with and who took care of me and be able to tell them how to take better care of me. It just didn’t work out at all and I started to get really sick and my parents got really worried. I had some friends named Teri and Stephanie and Kelly who used to talk about supported living and I knew that was what I wanted to do. I had to be really strong and make people understand how import it was to me to live in a different way. My family helped me get started and find a place to live and get the things I needed. I asked my friend Andy to be my roommate. Now we live in a cool house near my family and I choose my caregivers and decide what kinds of things I want to do. I like computers a lot and to me supported living feels like having a lot of power and connections like a computer network to make things work better. That makes it kind of funny that I chose Networx to help support me!

I have great team of staff. They help me with all my wants and needs and are always there for me. I really appreciate all that they do! Also, my family plays a big role in my life. I love them very much and they help support me with everything I need. I talk to my parents on a regular basis and see them every Sunday. We go to church, enjoy a nice meal and go grocery shopping together.

Thank you Networx for stepping in and helping me out....and Thank you all for taking the time to view my page!


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